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When offered employment in Spain it is important to obtain an official Contract is issued by the employer. Make sure that its contents and conditions are as agreed and that the Contract is according to the ruling Employment Laws in Spain. Short term Contracts can be for 3, 6, or 9 months. After one year the employer is forced by the law to give an employee a long-term Contract with its subsequent benefits.

Useful Tips
Short-term Work paid in cash occurs mainly in tourists areas but this form of payment is illegal. The authorities do not take kindly to this form of payment as Spain has one of the highest unemployment percentages in the EU.

A short-term work contract gives the employee the same rights as a Spanish employee.

An employee normally has deducted from a salary the National Contributions towards Insurance and Tax.

When accepting employment it is advisable to check that the employer has Liability Insurance.

A self-employed person is required to register for Insurance and Tax.

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