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It is not hard to imagine that in a country the size of Spain a visitor will discover nearly every sport that is popular in other countries in the world.

This is quite a popular sport with centres all over the country.

The bullring with its theatrical and sporting elements is considered by the population as the second most popular pastime in Spain. You will find separate information about this pastime elsewhere in this Site.

Clay Shooting
The home of Clay Pigeon shooting is to be found at the Club de Campo in Madrid which holds many International events.

This is a sport that competes for second place with Bullfighting, after Football, for the most television spectators.

As freshwater fishing is a popular pastime it is necessary to obtain a License (Permiso de Pesca), which normally can be obtained from a local ICONA office. The Spanish Fishing Federation at Navas de Tolosa 3, Madrid 13, can be of help in this respect. Deep-sea fishermen need to obtain a License which is good for 5-years and this can be obtained by application to the local Commandancias de Marina.

Without question this sport is foremost in the minds of the majority of Spaniards and throughout the country are many Clubs maintaining excellent teams of international quality. The passions of its millions of supporters run high as the players and the teams compete on any football pitch.

Formula I
Formula Racing takes place on the Jarama Track in Madrid and also at Jerez de la Frontera near Cadiz.

Throughout Spain golf has an established following with many fine courses and home-grown golfers have achieved many International successes in the PGA Tour.

Hiking & Mountaineering
Los Picos de Europe and the Pyrenees are considered excellent for practicing this sport. Other places such as the Sieraa da Nevada, Serrania de Ronda, La Sierra, Las Hurdes, El Bierzo and Los Ancares, also attract many enthusiasts.

Horse Riding
Riding in its various forms is very popular in Spain. The Hipódromo de La Zarzuela holds many international competitions. Jumping takes place in the grounds of the Club of Campo and attracts international renowned riders. There are also several Riding Academies and visitors can hire by the hour a suitable mount to either learn or just enjoy a ride. Horse racing and Polo take place near Madrid. The second sport can be found in the grounds of Real Club de Puerta de Hierro.

This sport is to be found mainly practiced in the Basque region. The game is based on the principle of propelling a hard ball, using a basket-like glove at great force against hard high walls, much in the manner of squash but without using rackets. It is not uncommon to find a group of spectators placing serious side bets on the outcome.

This is a sport much practiced by Spaniards and needs a License and it is recommended that information is sought from the Spanish Hunting Federation, Av. Reina Victoria 72, Madrid, prior to planning any hunting trip.

The various mountains ranges of Spain provide good reasonably priced skiing holidays. In the north there are several good Ski resorts in the Pyrenees, whilst in the south, the Sierra de Nevada Resort near Granada was considered good enough to hold the World Alpine Ski Championship in 1995.

Tennis enthusiasts will not be too surprised to find throughout the country many clay courts on which to play although the top of the sport tends to be found around certain cities such as Barcelona in the north and Fuengirola near Málaga.

Water Sports
Due to the numerous long stretches of beaches, and the different waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, all types of water sports are practiced and enjoy the usual patronage of young enthusiasts.

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