The “Sardana”
The name above is used for the Cátalan national dance which is proudly presented at regional and local events. The music is provided by the “cobla” which consists ideally of 11 persons, five in the woodwind section, five in the brass sections, and the leader who plays a three-holed flute. The dancers join hands and place themselves in a ring and from there they then perform a series of complicated movements consisting of skips and jumps in time with the music.

The Castellers
The region of Catalunya is famous for its special display of human tower building which normally take place during festas. A team of men (castellers), link their arms around each others shoulders in a tight circle. On to these shoulders climb another team of men who when balanced on top link in the same manner, and on the second level climb another team, and so on up to about seven levels. Then this human tower is topped of by a young boy (anaxaneta). The grace and efficiency in which these towers are constructed has also to be matched by the manner in which it collapses.

January 5th – Cavalcada dels Reis
A special event designed basically for the pleasure of younger folk and looked forward to every year.

February : Festes de Santa Eulàlia & Festa de San Medir

Carnival – Sitgnes
This is the town to visit over the Carnival period as they make floats and dresses which are in tune with the famous Brazil efforts. Fantastic party atmosphere.

March, April & May - Festival de Guitarra
A series of Guitar concerts held in different locations within the city.

April 23 - Día de Sant Jordi
Predominantly an open-air book and flower market. Men and women traditionally exchange roses and books in celebration of Saint Jordi. The book is in memory of Cervantes who died on the same day in 1616.

April & May – Festival de Música Antiga
A series of open-air concerts of classical music in Barri Gòtic area.

Corpus Christi - Festa de la Patum - Berga
This small town 90 kms north of Barcelona is famous for its celebration of Corpus Christi. The procession is composed of giant devils and monsters of all types, the more bizarre the better.

May & June - Portes Obertes
An open art exhibition held mainly in Poble Nou and in other locations.

June - Sitges International Theatre Festival
The seaside town of Sitges stages in its theatres an international programme.

June - Festival del Sónar
An electronic and multimedia festival

June - Corpus Christi & Focs de Sant Joan
This is considered the official start of summer. The town takes to the streets in a party spirit with bonfires and fireworks.

June & July – Festival del Grec
The most important and largest music and dance programme

July – Clàssica als Parcs
A series of classical concerts are held in the city parks

August – Festa Major de Gràcia
A good excuse to take once more to the streets with parades, concerts, and plenty of fireworks.

August – Festa del Aquilarre – Cervera
An out of Barcelona destination popular with its outdoor party spirit in the small town of Cervera some 100 kms to the west.

11 Sept – National day of Catalonia

Sept (Week of 23rd) - Festa de la Verge de la Mercè
This is the main festival of Barcelona. It is composed of a great procession, outdoor concerts and a night of fireworks.

October - Festival International de Jazz
A series of jazz events attracting international names.

October – Festival de Músiques del Món
A special series of international music and ethnic programmes from different countries.

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